Saturday, October 5, 2013

Let's all win the lottery!

It's been far too long since I've had any time to myself.  I fell way behind on getting several projects I wanted to cover shared and in-depth coverage I said I wanted to bring on here for production stuff.  Needless to say, things happen, I get busy and do work because well.. I have to earn money to pay the bills.

I'm still not earning enough money to pay the bills, but recently I've had some personal success seeing as how I've got a much more steady flow of incoming projects now.  It's October now, and I just wrapped the post production work to rush a master of the short film I've been working on to completion!  This was the final big push to get together a version for the director to submit to several film festivals he wanted to hit on.  This is by far not the end of the road on the journey of post production for the short film.  There is still a little more work ahead in the coming months (not too much).  Marketing is another aspect of post-production that often gets overlooked by indie and experimental level people who are "breaking in" to the business. 

I think that's about all I'm going to share on the subject for now.  Instead, I'm just going to share some preview stills as a little treat before the main course.

I should be getting a bit more free time to post more about some of the stuff I want to discuss.  Do keep an eye out!  First order of business will be discussing 5.1 surround and working to picture completely in Sonar X2 Producer!  This project was quite an experience, and a learning venture...

I learned some workflow management tips and tricks, as well as plenty of ways to ruin a project or bring post-workflow to a halt!  If there's any specific questions along the way, do feel free to post them below or after reading the upcoming articles I'll be going over soon!

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