Friday, June 28, 2013

The latest and greatest! You know you want it!

Holy hell time flies when you're having fun... Or in my case busier than an ant colony and bee hive combined!  So many things to catch up on.  My 7 months spent on Hoopfighter project came to an end in May as I began work on a short film and a commercial project.  The good news is the commercial is already published!

Trueb Dental
Hoopfighter is currently headed for publishing and that's about all I can say at the moment.  Hopefully it makes some big waves!
Troy's taking care of some projects on his end too,  The New Colorado was one of the recent ones, with a song already posted up.  To get more information on the EP click on the image below the soundcloud players.
The New Colorado E.P.
Lots more upcoming stuff.  Hoping to find some time soon to get the sample libraries and remix projects and original music compositions I've got on my plate finished.  But first, the short film project I'm a part of right now is my first official 5.1 surround mix project. 

I've been recording a podcast group as part of a podcast network since the beginning of this year, and we're now 5 episodes in!  If you love comics, videogames, movies, and banter about which character could kick another character's ass, check out Invasion Of The Podcasters  on Stallion Radio Network and be prepared for some epic imaginary battles!
Invasion of The Podcasters

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